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Mount Woodson CA, 2005


Some other of my interests/activities.


Martial Arts

Some places I have studied are below.  Unfortunately I gave up at intermediate level due to back problems.



If you are interested in the body part of mind/body/spirit equation, then following exercise routine may be of interest.

You need to be be pretty fit to do P90X and it takes 1-1.5 hours per day for 3 months.  Worked for me reasonable Ok:

Before & After Photo 
[Warning; I've only got my shorts on!]


Scuba diving

I did my PADI course in Cairns Australia on the Great Barrier reef in 1998.  Since then I've dived at Moorea (near Tahiti), Fiji, Grand Cayman and Jamaica.
I'm a bit of a fair weather diver, I'll only go in if water temperature is above 25°C.


Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design

This has been my job since 1996 and mixes technical aspects with a bit of creativity.
Here's a paper I wrote, published in June 2007 IEEE Journal of Solid State Circuits (JSSC); file size is 2.5MB.

A CDMA Dual-Band Zero-IF Receiver with Integrated LNAs and VCOs in an Advanced SiGe BiCMOS Process

Below are PDFs of my US issued patents:
These are in attorney language, so not easy to read.

Frequency mixer with compensated DC offset correction to reduce linearity degradation.  US Patent No: 8,787,503

Diode protection of cascoded mixed-voltage transistors. US Patent No: 8,913,362

Transmit/Receive switch with doubly-floating device and switched bias voltage. US Patent 9,117,651



Photos of cars I have owned; my first was an old Porsche 944, purchased when I was 30.  On moving to USA, I thought I should buy American and purchased a yellow Mustang.




I do not take regular holidays, but have gotten around a bit.