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The following instrumentals where recorded at different times and with different equipment, just click link to download and play MP3.


Fairly Recent

These were recorded in Apple Logic or Digidesign Pro Tools, with Apogee Quartet, Ensemble or Eleven Rack.  Other instrument sounds where played via MIDI guitar.


  • For Dad
    • Orchestral music for slideshow in rememberance of my Father
  • Serene Beauty
    • Guitar idea orchestrated
  • Film & TV Demo 1
    • Film & TV music excerpts written for Berklee Music Composition for Film & TV 1


Fairly Recent - Commercial

The following are short musical passages that could be used for adverts or whatever.  Constructed from Apple loops/samples with a bit of guitar.



These were originally recorded on PC using Voyetra software, but have mostly been remixed in Logic now.  Guitar was a Fender strat and Amp was a Gallien Krueger 250ML.


Really Old

These were recorded on a cheap Fostex 4-track, with PZM mics, a Fender Japan strat and Peavey 130 special, about 20 years ago.