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After getting laid off from regular work I was able to afford to attend Guitar Institute of Technology at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, 2006-2007, something I had been dreaming of for about 20 years.

Some PDF files I created in that time that may be of interest to other guitarists are below.

A quick summary of my time at GIT is here, in case you want to get some idea of course.

Fret board patterns and exercises

Jazz Workshop

This was one of the most enlightening classes I did, by Joe Elliott.
PDF of my notes, available with permission from Joe.

Advanced Electric

This course by Scott Henderson was another eye opener.
PDF of my notes, available with permission from Scott.

A few recommendations if you plan to attend GIT

  • Use a voice recorder to record lessons; to help remember how things sounded, for transcription and for future reference
  • Buy a Yamaha QY100 or Roland PMA-5 from eBay to give quick accompaniment for practice (or maybe Band in a Box)
  • Do extra electives, requirement is 3, but you can pay extra (~$350/unit) to do more, particularly if you are at MI for limited time
  • Do Schroeder LPW, ideally in same quarter as Jazz Workshop II; teaches how to play Jazz tunes in a small band format
  • Use student status to buy cheaper software and hardware, for example at Apple store
  • Learn to use pick and fingers 'Hybrid picking'; gives so much more possibilities than just flat-pick
  • Make the most of Open Counseling, since you will not have that opportunity again


Some Photos from MI

MI MI 2 MI 3 MI 4

MI 5 MI 6 Final Performance