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My GIT Timeline 



I have been thinking about attending GIT for about as long as I have been playing (over 20 years) .
After moving to USA and getting Green Card, changes at work mean I can afford to take a year out and get a bit more serious about Guitar stuff.
I will start 1 year Certificate course in October 06 and will write down a few bits of information here, as I progress, that may be of interest to anyone thinking about attending.


1985-2005: Think about GIT, make progress on Guitar with semi-regular lessons and on own.  Try to develop own techniques for unique sound.
March 2006: Apply to GIT (with CD) and get accepted.
March-Sept 2006: Pre-study with several Guitar books, a Metronome and CD player.
Sept 2006: Register and get assessed for level 2 on everything except ear training.
2nd Oct 2006: Start 1 year Certificate course
24th Sept 2007: Graduate with 'Journeyman' Performance Certificate

Update Dec 2006

Finished first quarter, with 'mid-term' exams in last week, I think I passed everything...
Did Electives in Blues (Keith Wyatt), Jazz Workshop I (Joe Elliot), Rock Lead (Lenny Widegren)
Core classes were Rhythm, Single String, Theory, Music Reading & Ear Training.
Rhythm and Single String were with Jamie Findlay:
I did 11 Live Playing workshops, mainly Blues and R&B, but also Hip Hop and Metal.
It was hard work, with much study time needed outside of class; classes are ~18 hours a week but I worked 9am-9pm or more almost every day.
Looking forward to next quarter, with Electives in Jazz Workshop II, Eclectic Electric (Dan Gilbert) and Fretboard Workout.

Update March 2007

Finished second quarter level II for Single String, Rhythm, Reading & Theory, so will enter level III ('professional level') next quarter.
Did Electives in Jazz Workshop II (Joe Elliot), Eclectic Electric (Dan Gilbert), Guitar Workout (Dan Gilbert).
I learnt a huge amount from Jazz Workshop, like how to write II V I licks in major and minor, connecting seventh arpeggios, Altered and Locrian #2 scales, how to break down a Jazz tune into 'common situations', how to make a walking bass line,.....
Eclectic electric was a bit of an eye (and mind) opener with concept of extended harmony (playing one arpeggio or triad over another chord to get chord extension tones), triad pair lead lines and some great licks based on playing of Larry Carlton, Pat Martino, etc.
I did 10 Live Playing workshops, mainly Blues, but also 80's pop and R&B.
I beginning to think differently about soloing and how to play written music, so am definitely finding GIT worthwhile.
Using metronome while practicing seems to be rubbing off gradually, to improve timing.

Update June 2007

Finished third quarter, with Dave Hill instructing on Single String and Rhythm , and Dale Turner instructing on Theory and Ear Training .
Theory is now finished and will do 'Performance Recording' next quarter.  Ear training has got harder now have to sing along in head, rather than verbally.
Reading got a lot harder with syncopated rhythms, odd meter and lots of 'accidentals'.
Did Advanced Electric elective with Scott Henderson, which had a lot of useful information which I had not heard before on Licks, Composition, Tone and Music Business.
Also did electives on Jazz Guitar with Sid Jacobs and (Jazz) Chord Melody with Bruce Buckingham .
Now considering staying another six months to do Recording Artist Program (RAP), to learn about recording, Logic Pro and Production


 Update end Sep 2007

Finished fourth quarter, with electives in Chord Melody II, Jazz Guitar II and Shred with Greg Harrison.
Also did extra two electives of Melodic Soloing with Tom Kolb and Advanced Groove concepts with Ross Bolton and was glad I paid the extra money for these two.
Performance recording with Scott Parker gave the opportunity to learn a bit about ProTools, learn some new tunes and get a feel for what recording a session must be like.
Did LPWs in Blues, Hard Rock and Schroeder.
Final performance at the Knitting Factory went well, with Blake and George adapting parts of two of my tunes for three guitars, to give something a lot better than I could make up on my own.
Made a difficult decision to finish at MI after 12 months, rather that do another 6 months in GIT or RAP.