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The News


This is a collection of (old) events reported in the news.



See the frightened man jump from the Embassy
building, hear the thump as he hits the ground.
Watch the mother and baby fall from the
fire escape, the photographer gets an award.
There was a girl who was fed up with
pleasing her parents, so she pleased herself
with suicide.
I had a friend who decided to end
his pain of love with carbon monoxide,
could n't they see the tears?
Watch the one legged man running
across America, dying a little with each step.
Jimi's dead a free spirit flown, but the
seed has been planted.
Watch the truck run over the protesting worker,
see the phosphor burns on the tribesman.
Watch an unarmed student stop a tank,
see bare hands tear down a wall.
Did you hear the news today,
did you see it all


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