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Mystic Love


This is about a Love so strong it changes your mind, about everything.



So you opened my heart
and you opened my mind
and now we will be,
Lovers, for ever and ever
You will be my Queen
and I will be your King
we will have now Kingdom, but ourselves
and that is enough, for it is everything
Together we know, that if you love one thing 
you can Love everything
from each Ant to every Whale
from each grain of sand to every Galaxy
Together we know, that God and the Universe are One
and we are all part of God, eternal
But every Life is an impossible miracle
and each meeting more than chance
So hold me tight and close your eyes
and we will feel each other and Everything
from our breath and our heartbeats
to the spinning of the earth and the expanding Universe
Stars will die, stars will be born
but our love will carry on
through our children and our children's children
and we will be One forever and ever.


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