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Hold on


This is an up-beat rap, about a not too serious argument.
The chorus just managed to avoid rhyming fire with higher.



Hey babe, don't go away
wait up a minute, i got something to say
I didn't give you the attention you need
so now you wann'a make my heart bleed
I need you and i think you need me
but how can i make you see
You want a fur coat and diamond ring
but i haven't got the money to buy such things
I earn a little playing in pubs and things
but what the hell i can't even sing
Remember the good times we both had
to break up now would be so sad
How can i make you see
you mean so much to me
I'm sorry i made a mistake
lets make up its getting late

Your love sets my heart on fire
you're the one that I desire


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