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This is about loneliness and prostitution.



Have you ever been so lonely,
you don't care if you live or die,
well i have...
Maybe i'm too shy , or just plain scared
but girls don't come easy to me
and my emptiness grows day by day
So i walked the streets of Kings Cross
looking for some company to
fill the vacuum inside
A girl with beautiful blue eyes and blond hair
said 'would you like a lady'
and i could never explain how much
So we went to her room,
just a bed, a lamp and a fan
'kissing's not allowed' she said
Half an hour later i felt empty as ever
and realised just the mechanics aren't enough
my mind tuned to her...
Night after night on your back or knees
seeing only the worst in men
just a thin sheet of rubber between life and death
How long before your petals are crushed underfoot
How many more times will you have to say,
'would you like a lady'


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